Top 10 gifts to buy your Country Man this Christmas

November 11, 2012
Buying a gift for a man can often be a difficult task.  Tending we often know nothing about power tools, guns and other manly stuff. 

Buying for men doesn't always have to be difficult though... Especially if they are a Country Boy!

Here are the top 10 gifts for Country Boys this Christmas:

10. A gun, every country boy loves guns.  The bigger and louder the better.

9. A Knife, something nice.  Sometimes you can even get these engraved.

8. Hair trimmers, especially if you have one that likes to keep some fuzz on the face.  He'll surely appreciate it. 

7. CB Radio, What country boy truck is equipped without a CB radio and a huge whip?

6. Camo, No Country boy is complete without some up to date "in season" camo

5. Boots, Upgrade those old run down boots for some new shiny ones.  Your sure to never see him go out without them.

4. Hat, why not compliment hose boots with a new cowboy hat?

3. Truck Accessories, Aside from you their trucks are their babies.  Buy some accessories for you baby and his.

2. Power tools, Power tools make men feel powerful.  If you are totally clueless they have some pretty nice people that work in Lowes to help you out.

1.  And finally to complete my list of top 10 Christmas Gifts for Country Boys... Give em some sugar.  Their certain to remember that.


Not another gift card!

November 11, 2012
Every year, I make it a definitive goal to not purchase any gift cards for family and friends.  One might question my sanity...

Of course, gift cards are simple, nice to receive and you are certain to buy them something they like simply because they can buy it on their own.  

However, why do we even bother buying a gift for someone at the holidays anyway?  Hopefully it's because we care for them and want to give them something in return for a year of their love and gratitude for you.   

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