Every year, I make it a definitive goal to not purchase any gift cards for family and friends.  One might question my sanity...

Of course, gift cards are simple, nice to receive and you are certain to buy them something they like simply because they can buy it on their own.  

However, why do we even bother buying a gift for someone at the holidays anyway?  Hopefully it's because we care for them and want to give them something in return for a year of their love and gratitude for you.   

Gift cards are great when you win them in a raffle, or buy them for your brother's ex-girlfriends sister in-law who still sends you a small gift every Christmas and you feel obligated.  

In reality though, more times than not, you can buy a gift for someone that has meaning and actually get off cheaper.  

I strive to buy and even sometimes make gifts that give people the oh my gosh face when they start to peel back the paper.  My brain starts to rack January 1st of the following year... I like to take a few days off. 

For a gift to be important it doesn't always have to be expensive.  It can be something to remind a loved one of an inside joke, remind them of a treasured adventure or momentous moment in your lives.  It could be something you think will make their life easier.  If you buy the gift and are unsure if they will know what you mean follow it up with a friendly handwritten card.  Don't let Hallmark take all the credit.  

Have fun with the Holidays, today people get so caught up in the spending and the shopping we forget why we are actually shopping in the first place.  Slow down... Take a deep breath... and relax.  Have a little fun.  

A few Christmas' ago, my hubby wanted a flat screen TV, when they had others to choose from.  I knew if he saw that enormous box under the tree he would know what is was so I wrapped a show box.  Inside the shoe box was a treasure map that led him around the entire house to find a second treasure map.  The maps were authentic, I soaked them in tea bags dried them and burnt the edges.  After 20 minutes of agony he finally found his TV.  

We laugh about it every year when he goes to open his gifts now.  Sometimes the gift isn't always the most important thing it's the memories you create by giving it.  

Tis the Season

God Bless us Everyone